Kitchen & Bathroom Refurbishment

Professional Builders in Croydon For Kitchen & Bathroom Works

New kitchens and bathrooms are a big investment which deliver higher living standards. We value adding value to properties, and have assisted residents in and around Croydon in building their ideal living spaces.

Brown Building Services builders manage every detail in fitting and decorating.

More Than 20 Years Refurbishing Kitchens & Bathrooms

As always, we offer free consultations and assessments, advice and estimates for customers wanting a price on fitting new kitchens and refurbishing their bathrooms.

We've a weath of experience in kitchen and bathroom refurbishments and can take you step by step on what's needed.

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting & Decorating


Kitchen fitting

Be assured we manage all aspects of building, fitting and decorating new kitchens.

This includes removal and stripping of old kitchen units and materials, installation of new units, connecting gas and water, decoration works and testing everything works as it should.


Bathroom refurbishment

Here again be secure and comfortable in the knowledge that our professional builders will guide you through your bathroom refurbishment project, providing step by step direction on the work being carried out, from removal and stripping, to installation, decoration and testing.


Interior decorating

For your new kitchen and new bathroom, our builders undertake the decoration phase of the projects. To you we supply builders trained in plastering, painting, tiling, flooring and carpentry to add the decorative detail you desire.


Interior repairs

We extend to you our affordable building and refurbishment services in the form of property maintenance where our builders perform durable repairs to keep your property functional and reliable for years to come.

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